Esteam Cleaning Systems
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Vanish Fusion

Vanish Fusion is a ready to use one part system, no mixing required, non VOC stain remover that effectively removes a wide variety of organic and protein based stains from carpet and fabric quickly and easily. Just spray on and walk away. Vanish Fusion has been developed using encapsulating chemistry that resists re-soiling long after the spot has been removed.

  • pH: 5.8
  • Dilution Ratio: RTU
  • Available in: 1 L Spray Bottle (34 US oz) or 4 L (1.06 US gal)

encap spotter

Encap Spotter

Encap Spotter brings encapsulating chemistry into a spot remover that will easily remove a wide variety of common spots and stains. Encapsulating any remaining soils into a crystallized form when it dries, allowing it to be easily removed with subsequent vacuuming. The encapsulating polymer also resists soiling long after the spot has been removed.

  • pH: 8.7
  • Dilution Ratio: Ready to Use
  • Available in: 1 L (34 US oz) or 4 L (1.06 US gal)

Pro Spot Spotter

Pro Spot Spotter

The Pro Spot weighs only 18 lbs for easy portable use. The convenient 2 gallon recovery tank capacity and well balanced design provide quick and easy cleaning of carpet spots and stains.

1.16 HP vacuum motor with a vacuum float shut-off and a 55 PSI pump provides aggressive cleaning and drying power.

Translucent recovery tank and clear view hand tool, enables you to monitor recovery water level and see cleaning results.


Home Care Deodorants

Tackle malodors like a professional.
Home Care Deodorants can be used for several applications in the home to control malodors form all kinds of sources.
Have your company name and phone number printed on every label. Your information will be on a product that your customer loves and used frequently.

  • Dilution Ratio: Ready to Use
  • Scents Available in: Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Pet Stain & Odor and Spring Breeze
  • Available in: 12 x 500 ml case

Pro Dry II

Pro Dry II Airmover

The Pro Dry II is a durable airmover that is built to endure the daily wear and tear it is faced with in the field. It can be used in four different positions and is stackable up to four high.


  • 3 Speeds 1/3 HP motor
  • 2400 CFM airflow
  • ETL/CUS Certified
  • Volts: 115 V
  • Cycle 60 HA
  • Amps: 3.8 A
  • Motor: 1/3 HP

Tuft guard II cards and text

carpet shield with text and cards

Flood Extraction Wand



  • 1" Stainless steel tubing
  • 12" wide head
  • D-handle
  • S-bend